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Planning your electric fence

Before you begin installation of your electric fence, check the local zoning law guidelines for your area.

Most importantly, check with your local utility companies to identify any buried cables or natural gas lines on or near your property - before you start any digging.

Planning your electric fence layout

Sketch a diagram and measure the distance of the area you would like to fence.

Include in your plan: 

  • Location of buildings/ barns enclosed by or sitting adjacent to your fence
  • Location of your fence energizer and electrical source (if required)
  • Location of your earth system. This is critical as your earth system is the most important component of your electric fence system.

  • Trees, hills, low and/or wet areas or other obstacles
  • Water supply and feeding locations
  • Gate locations
  • Fence termination points
As you are sketching your layout consider:
  • What type of gate(s) do you plan on using?