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The little things that can make a big difference

New Zealand is a world leader in using electric fencing to keep farm animals where we want them. Along the way electric fence technology has also brought the cost of fencing right down and made managing pastures a whole lot easier and more effective.

Over half a century on from the days when electric fencing started to take off, new developments are still making big differences to ease of use, durability and even safety.

Roll up the new Extreme electric fence products from PEL!

Drawing on over 40 years of electric fencing experience, PEL have released a new generation of products that together take a step forward in terms of design, robustness and usability.

First into the Extreme range is the Dual Purpose Gate Handle, Reflective Tape and Reflective Bungy. Behind these innovations was this single thought: how can even the smallest things make a big difference to efficient and safe operating of a farm?

The genesis of the Reflective Tape and Bungy was a conversation with a corporate farmer in the North Island. A problem for them was staff inadvertently driving through electric gateways at dawn and dusk – wrecking the gates and putting themselves in some danger.

PEL's response is the Extreme Reflective Tape and Bungy, with reflective strands for high visibility and enhanced safety. Not only is it more visible in low light when vehicle lights shine on it, it’s also more visible during the day under natural light.

The launch is all the more significant because of new health and safety awareness and associated legislation.

“This is a simple, cost-effective way of mitigating risks on farm – and meeting new health and safety regulations,” says PEL sales manager, Shane Nolan.

And just as no electric gate solution isn’t complete without a handle, the new Extreme range has a Dual Purpose Gate Handle for tape or bungy.

The design removes the need for a knot and, in doing so, increases the security of the electrified connection.

It also features a unique hook design for a smooth and secure connection to an activator plate plus an insulated hook to keep your gateway tidy and free of trip or tangle hazards.

The patented single piece over-mould, ensures a fully insulated handle. This flat profile design has the additional benefit of making the Dual Purpose Gate Handle robust enough to withstand any hammering from vehicles or animal foot traffic.

And given that we’re dealing with electricity, the no-slip grip is certainly a bonus, along with a stainless steel backbone for high conductivity.

One of the other issues on New Zealand farms is the effect of ultraviolet light on non-conductive materials. Accordingly the Extreme Dual Purpose Gate Handle is made of stabilised polypropylene for long life on farm.

Click here to read more about the new Extreme range.