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Permanent Fencing Checklist

Have you got everything you need? These products are recommended to ensure top performance of your permanent electric fence system. The diagram below is an example only. For more detailed information download the PEL Fencing Manual.

Click on the products below to learn more:

Our energizers are long proven and feature technologies like Cyclic Wave™, to ensure top performance. More Information
The PEL Earth Kit ensures effective connection between energizer and earth, maximising the performance of your electric fence. More Information
Earth Kit
Easy to install, cut-out switches help with locating short circuits by turning your electric fence on and off at convenient locations - such as corners and gates. More Information
Cut-out Switch
Allows quick tensioning and retensioning of an electric fence wire. Features a heavy duty design for high strain conditions. More Information
Insulated Strainer
Mainly used in non electrified fence systems, uninsulated strainers can also be used as part of an electric fence system. More Information
Uninsulated Strainer
Provides a warning if your fence voltage drops below the level required for effective stock containment. The PEL Fence Alert helps to protect your valuable livestock. More Information
Fence Alert
Smart 2-in-1 tool featuring a remote control function to turn your energizer on or off anywhere along the fence line, as well as a built-in volt and current meter for the rapid location of electric fence faults. More Information
Remote with Fault Finder
Allows the simple and easy retensioning of your fence line without the need to cut the wire. The aluminium in-line wire strainer is rust-resistant and easy-to-use. More Information
In-Line Wire Strainer
Retains and supports electric fence wires on posts. Designed to provide maximum tracking distances, minimum leakage and ease of use. More Information
Contains components needed to block and divert most voltage spikes from lightning strikes. More Information
Lightning Protection Kit
Durable, brightly-coloured plastic sign provides a clear warning for safety. More Information
Warning Sign
Solid galvanised construction. Required for earthing your energizer. More Information
Earth Rod and Clamp
Ideal for tough, high tension fencing applications. Constructed from reinforced glass filled polymer insulator for maximum strength. More Information
End Strain Insulator
Essential for good electrical connections to maintain maximum conductivity on your electric fence. More Information
Joint Clamp
Fully sealed from insects and the environment. Ideal for use near creeks, river beds and areas prone to flooding. More Information
Lightning Protection Kit
PEL offers a complete range of highly visible, easy-to-use and install electrified gate kits. Kits feature all you need in one easy pack. More Information
Gate Kits
Underground cable is used to transfer power underground, for instance under gateways, or as an insulated leadout to connect the energizer to the fence and earth system. More Information
Underground Cable