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Kiwi company launches world's most powerful electric fence energizer

Kiwi company Tru-Test Group (the company behind PEL electric fence products) could be said to have ‘fencing power for Africa’.

Tru-Test Group launched the world’s most powerful electric fence energizer to be used to contain and protect game on African game parks and control stock on Australasia’s largest farms.

The PEL 863R can deliver up to 63 joules output energy when required, 10% more than the next most powerful on the market*.

Powering up to 630 km (385 miles) of fence wire - the equivalent of a fence all the way from Auckland to Wellington - its focus is power ahead of frills.

“The emphasis of our product development has been fairly and squarely on power delivery and product reliability” explains Tru-Test Group’s Verne Atmore. “Taking a ‘no nonsense’ approach has enabled us to offer the world’s most powerful energizer at an affordable price” says Verne.

The PEL 863R is designed to be installed by the farmer, require realistic levels of earthing and, when required, will automatically boost power output to meet even the most extreme fence loading.

Designed and made in New Zealand, these energizers are the next step up from the highly successful PEL 36 J energizer that has powered thousands of farms since its introduction in 1998. In fact, the new 63 J energizer takes on a number of the key reliability features present in this popular energizer, and through advanced technology, even manages to fit the increased power in the compact, easy to handle case.

The new energizers also feature Tru-Test Group’s “Cyclic Wave™” technology innovation, which provides an efficient pulse right to the end of the fence line.

The development of this energizer reflects the increasing aggregation of larger properties, many of which have multiple lower-powered energizers that can now be consolidated.

They have been through extreme environmental testing to ensure they exceed the demands encountered on any game park or farm. They have achieved compliance with the relevant international and New Zealand safety standards.

Game park application

When you consider the new ultra high powered energizers will be protecting game park animals in Africa, it’s fair to say they’ll have the grunt to handle any farming need in New Zealand and Australia.

“Anything that can contain rhinos, bull elephants and wildebeest will safely manage anything a New Zealand or Australian farmer can throw at it” Tru-Test Group’s Keran McCaull says.

“Helping with this is important to us as a company, and we know that if a fencing system works there, it will work virtually anywhere”.

After New Zealand, southern Africa is the biggest market for high powered electric fence energizers – typically those of more than 20 joules – where they’re used to keep wild animals in, and poachers out.

Many of these are private parks of up to 20,000 hectares, but they also include large state owned parks like Kruger National Park.

Tru-Test Group brands power almost 75% of this game park electric fencing, and the new energizer will provide even more security in highly sensitive areas.

Visit the 863R product page and 863RS product page to learn more.

* As at November 2011