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The sun shines on the new era 101B energizer

The iconic 101B energizer has powered small blocks and provided temporary fencing (primarily strip grazing) for larger properties world-wide for over two decades.

Tru-Test Group, the world leader in animal weighing, milk metering, electric fencing and traditional fencing tools, has now boosted its 101B product with optional solar compatibility, power from multiple sources and an energy save feature. For good measure, we’ve also developed a coating on internal components for protection from insects and harsh weather conditions.

When operating via solar power, the energizer is powered directly by sunlight and switches automatically to internal batteries when the sunlight levels drop.  Testing has shown that using the solar panel doubles the typical life of the battery, while the innovative battery save feature provides additional energy savings of up to 20% when loads on a fence are light.  These features enable the 101B to power for longer, providing reliable stock control.

The 101B portable energizer is ideal for lifestyle or small blocks as well as larger properties.  It is suitable for temporary fencing applications, such as strip grazing, conserving feed and keeping animals away from plants, trees, flood and eroding areas.

The 101B can also be powered by 6 volt, 12 volt or four D (1.5 V) batteries and is available in three different configurations – 101B, 101B with stand, and 101B with stand and solar panel. 

The new improved PEL 101B can be found at your local stockist.  To keep up to date with the latest farming innovations, visit your local stockist or contact your local Tru-Test Group representative on 0800 TRUTEST.