Get started with the essentials

  • Pel Energizer


    A range of energizers to suit the way you manage your farm, including mains energizers, to all in one Unigizers, portable options and solars.

  • Pel Spring Gate

    Permanent Fencing Accessories

    Our permanent electric fence solutions are easy to install, operate with less maintenance and are a safer option for your stock.

  • Geared Reel

    Temporary Fencing Accessories

    Temporary electric fencing helps you to increase production by providing a quick, easy and inexpensive way to subdivide paddocks.

  • Pel Fault Finder

    Management Tools

    To get the maximum performance from an energizer, you need to be able to measure and monitor your fence system effectively.

  • Pel Vertical Bared Gate


    Proudly made in New Zealand with high quality welding and pipework, Pel offers a range of standard and made to order gates to suit the way you manage your farm.

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